Premium Refrigeration Solutions
We offer premium refrigeration equipment and leak detection solutions at budget-friendly prices, featuring industry-leading brands such as Bacharach, Zero Zone, CDS, RefPlus, and more!
State-Of-The-Art Leak Detection
We sell best-in-class refrigerant leak detection equipment from our trusted manufacturing partner Bacharach, to help you find and resolve your refrigerant leaks in minutes rather than hours!
A Greener Cost-Effective Future
At EGA, we're committed to helping you reduce environmental impact and remain compliant with safety standards and emissions regulations.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Leak Detection

  1. Environmental Compliance: To meet legal requirements and environmental regulations, preventing the release of harmful refrigerants that contribute to climate change and ozone depletion and help avoid hefty fines.

  2. Safety: Protecting your employees and occupants from potential health risks associated with refrigerant leaks, including asphyxiation and respiratory issues.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Maintaining the efficiency of your refrigeration systems by promptly detecting and addressing leaks, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

  4. Cost Savings: Minimizing financial losses due to refrigerant leaks, as early detection prevents the need for frequent recharging and costly repairs.

  5. Equipment Protection: Extending the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment by preventing damage and corrosion caused by refrigerant leaks, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Penalties For Non-Compliance with EPA Regulations Can Be Significant

The EPA can assess civil penalties up to $44,539 per day, per violation, for non-compliance

Why Partner With EGA ?

Precision Protection

Our advanced refrigerant leak detection ensures early detection, safeguarding your equipment and the environment

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Minority-Owned, Family-Operated, Expert-Driven

We take pride in being a woman-owned and family-operated business, offering personalized service and industry expertise to serve as your dedicated refrigeration partner

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Green Solutions, Cost-Effective Results

We provide our customers with refrigeration solutions that help you remain compliant with safety standards and emissions regulations without compromising your budget

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Proactive Solutions, Preventive Measures

Stay ahead with our cutting-edge technology, offering proactive detection to prevent costly refrigerant leaks

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