We offer the best refrigerant leak detectors & monitors
ideal for Supermarkets, office, hospitals, and more.

Selling the Best Refrigerant Leak Detectors & Equipment

The organization was established by Ted Gartland to act as an independent consultant on any and all matters associated with refrigerants. Secondly the business is now firmly established as a core manufacturer representative for leading entities within the HVAC/R industry.

Services & Consultation We Offer

Refrigeration Engineering

Grocery Store layout, custom walk in refrigerated box, general system load calculations and more.

EPA Refrigerant Tracking

From large organizations to individual business EGA can help you to meet the stringent EPA refrigerant tracking requirements.

Refrigerant Consulting

EGA consults on refrigerant choices for your application considering energy usage, pricing and environmental impacts.

Leak Detection & Safety

EGA offers simple single point systems to complex muliti-zone coverage.  We offer selection services, parts, retrofits and installation layouts.

Custom Supermarket Solutions

EGA designs and engineers highly efficient and intelligent refrigeration rack systems and display cases for any size application.