SuperCool POE-170 Visc. Refrigeration Lubricant

Each can is 128oz. 4 cans included per order.

  • Synthetic Polyol Ester (POE) lubricant provides excellent lubricity and compressor protection.
  • Extends compressor life.
  • Miscible with all HFC, HCFC, CFC and blend refrigerants.
  • For reciprocating, rotary & scroll compressor applications in residential air conditioning units.
  • For centrifugal & reciprocating compressor applications in industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning units.
  • Helps reduce compressor wear. Contains conditioners, inhibitors & anti-wear agents for excellent lubricity and compressor protection.
  • Includes additives to prevent acid formation and corrosion.
  • 170 cSt viscosity.